The CrossPurpose Center for Urban Leadership (CPCUL) is the leadership and development program of CrossPurpose. CrossPurpose was birthed from and remains a part of a local church, Providence Bible Church. The mission of Providence is to live as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and love our neighbors to do the same. CPCUL staff are all members of PBC, living on mission together in northeast Denver. Fellows and Interns will be welcomed into this greater Providence community.

Understanding the three meanings of CrossPurpose


Jesus died on the cross and gave us the greatest grace of all. He had a purpose in dying on the cross, and it was so that you and I could live. We are motivated by that same grace: To die so others can live. This is the core of our drive. This is our purpose. It’s the cross.


At the crossroads of life, we meet one another. We cross it up. We enter into a relationship where we both uplift one another. This is the center of our work. We love bringing two different people together and seeing their purpose for living arise out of a deep relationship.


The technical definition of CrossPurpose has a negative meaning. It means to work against something or someone. We are not shy about the fact that we are at CrossPurposes with the status quo and the false beliefs that keep our community from flourishing.