Our Core Values

The Redemptive Edge

We believe in the power of the gospel, the sufficiency of the blood of Jesus and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. God is in the business of the redemption of all creation, calling a people to Himself. We are privileged to participate in this work to answer the prayer “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.” We go into our neighborhoods with intention, to find those who stand on the edge of the precipice. And we pull them back. We work at the crossroads between life and death, between light and darkness. We live at the beachhead. We are warriors for His cause and for those we are called to love.

Expensive Love

We believe that Jesus showed us expensive love so we can show it to others. We believe in walking the extra miles others are unwilling to go. We believe Jesus called us to come and die, so we spend hundreds of hours discipling others. We reject drive-by Christianity and instead believe in loving someone even when they burn us. We give so that there are no needy among us, opening our buildings, homes and lives to those who are in need. We allow ourselves to love deeply because it is worth every scar, and that is the way Jesus loves us.

All in

We believe in taking up our cross daily to follow Christ. We believe God lovingly demands our whole life, so we believe in bringing our whole self into community. Since we don’t have a Plan B, we seek to fully commit ourselves to the Church and our neighborhood. We want to be a church pursuing Christ with reckless abandon.

Truth Telling

Truth telling is ultimately telling the truth of the Gospel and speaking truth into another’s life. Because of expensive love we tell the truth. Directly. Honestly. And sometimes, bluntly. We confront when necessary. We say what needs to be said, no matter what. We do it in love and with respect. But we will tell you the truth you need to hear to transform your life. But Truth telling is far more than confrontation. Truth telling uplifts the spirit, speaks words of affirmation, applauds the good, and celebrates the work of God in the lives of others.

The Relational Weave

Transformative change happens through the power of redemptive relationships. We are redeemed first through our relationship with Jesus. We are the threads and he is the weaver. Through our relationship to Christ we are uniquely bound to those around us. Because of this relational weave, we stand with one another through the good times and the bad. We value the diverse nature of our church, our neighborhoods, and the Body of Christ. We see and appreciate the different strands of cloth—the various colors, the distinct textures, the divergent experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. While each is unique, we find oneness in Christ. Regardless of race, ethnicity, social status, or education, we're all inseparably connected to each other.


4D is Four Deep, it's a new dimension, it's a new perspective. We are determined to not define success by our busyness, by our worthwhile efforts, nor by our activities. We even choose to not define success by significant life-changing results. We believe that the exponential growth of our ministry, and the realization of our vision of a neighborhood without poverty, is only possible when we replicate ourselves in others. When those we serve realize personal transformation, cultivate their inner leader and go forward to help someone else rise out of poverty, only then are we on the right road.

Deep Roots

Redemptive relationships take time and require trust. We believe in deep versus wide, quality over quantity. We’re committed to a laser focus on specific neighborhoods and select individuals. We will pour mightily into the few seeking transformative lifelong generational change.