Why the CrossPurpose Fellowship?

Holistic leadership development for emerging urban community leaders.

  • As a CrossPurpose Fellow, you will not only learn by doing, but also through completing a 12-credit Certificate of Urban Ministry through North Park Theological Seminary and taught in part by Dr. Soong-Chan Rah. These credits can count towards a master’s degree in North Park’s School of Business and Nonprofit Management or North Park Theological Seminary.
  • CrossPurpose will pay for Fellows to complete the Certificate of Urban Ministry. Approved coursework beyond the Certificate will be discounted by North Park and subsidized by CrossPurpose to make completing a master’s degree extremely affordable.

Get paid for your work.

  • Fellows will earn $2,000 per month as they work to abolish all forms of poverty in our neighborhood.

Live on mission in and with our local church community.

The CrossPurpose Fellowship is a highly selective 2-year leadership development program comprised of three stages:


For the first four months, you will spend half of your time in a classroom setting, learning philosophy of urban ministry, asset-based community development principles, identity and spiritual formation, urban discipleship, and leadership best practices. Our staff and resident professors include urban studies professors Dr. Ted Travis and Dr. Jeff Cook, identity development coaches Ray and Pattie Brim, and leadership teachers Jason Janz, Juan Peña, and Greg Hahl. 

Experiential education, planning and leading a fundraising event, and direct work alongside your new supervisor make up the other half of the Followership. During these afternoons, you will learn through immersion experiences, simulations, role-playing, debating, presenting, shadowing, or participating in ministry tasks or projects.


For the next eight months you will work as an apprentice within Crosspurpose. You will be assigned a development track based on your passions, gifts, and aptitudes. You will be matched with an apprentice leader in positions within our organization working with urban youth or working on teams that are helping adults exit financial poverty. In either track, you will be given increasing responsibility, taking the lead on certain projects, and learning from your apprentice leader. Professional development and classroom time will take place on Wednesdays, and you will be fully engaged in your apprenticeship role during the other four days of the week.


For the last year, you will take on the full responsibility of your staff position and will be tasked with starting and leading projects, directing programs, and/or training up first year Fellows to replace you. Your professional development will include non-profit leadership, board development and strategic planning.

Overall, you can expect to spend about 20-30% of your time in professional development settings such as 1-on-1s and seminars, and 70-80% of your time in real-world nonprofit work.

We reach our objective of developing leaders using the following methodology:


We provide individual coaching as Fellows engage in ministry.

Academic Instruction

We prepare Fellows to be philosophically, culturally, and biblically informed for effective ministry among the marginalized, poor, and invisible of the inner city.

Identity Development

We engage every Fellow in a process that discovers their life purpose through a thorough analysis of their past, present, and future. We help Fellows answer the questions “What is my calling?” and “What problem have I been created to solve?”

Personal Mentorship

Fellows are matched with a personal and/or professional mentor who is a sounding board to help process what God is doing in their hearts and lives.


We train Fellows to lead within the crucible of our people-centered, data-driven, asset-based anti-poverty programs.


We bring Fellows into the full life of the church to see how a community of believers live on mission together.