Fellowship Tracks

Fellows will be accepted into one of the following organizational roles, where they will grow as a leader through engaging in the work. These roles provide the training ground where fellows can hone their skills and learn outside of the context of the classroom by effectively engaging in doing the work.

Life Coaching & Case Management

We work alongside neighbors, called leaders, who are endeavoring to exit financial, relational, and spiritual poverty and change the trajectory of their lives forever. To make such substantial change requires loving, encouraging relationships. One of the most important relationships on this journey is a coach who will help create life plans, break down barriers, solve problems, and ultimately support the leader to succeed. And as the leader thrives, you may thrive in ways you had never imagined.


The Church--the people of God--is the most enduring institution in all human history, and it is the avenue God has chosen to reconcile the world to Himself. Designed for those who sense a call on their lives towards urban church ministry, this track will stretch your understanding of the Gospel, lay a firm theological foundation for urban ministry, and equip you practically in discipleship, multiethnic ministry, and church planting. Join us as we endeavor to model and teach a radical life lived in submission and obedience to Jesus Christ.


Providing opportunities for our neighbors to achieve sustainable incomes is nearly impossible without a well-paying job. On this team, you will help program participants prepare for or connect to their life-changing career. This could include facilitating job readiness classes, connecting with employers, editing resumes, or building a job skills curriculum. Help our neighbors thrive in the career of their dreams.

Recruitment & Community Partnerships

We believe we offer a truly life-changing opportunity to our neighbors in northeast Denver, but our neighbors will not access this opportunity unless someone reaches out. Join a team that recruits both our neighbors with lower incomes and our wealthier community members and helps set them on a mutually transformational journey out of financial, relational, or spiritual poverty.

Program Administration

Internal systems, structures, and support are the indispensable backbone to any well-run organization. These systems are even more essential when our mission is to is to abolish poverty in a neighborhood. With these internal systems in place, we are able to spend less time focusing on our organization and more time focusing on our neighborhood. In the program administration track, you may be serving on the admissions team, in administration, as an event planner, or even in our finance department. Choose this track if you love solving problems, creating smooth-running systems, and have an eye for detail.

Youth Development

Today’s urban youth face many barriers to success--single-parent households, subpar public schools, and a lack of positive role models. In fact, birth location has been named the most accurate indicator of life chances. This is unjust. Even in the face of these barriers, our young neighbors desire to bring their talents to bear on a a community that needs them. Join this team to learn about the transformational discipleship model and help youth realize their full leadership potential.

Fundraising and Development

None of our ministry would be possible without the financial investment of our partners. Join our fundraising and development team if you want to learn how to raise financial support for a nonprofit through individual donors and grants. In the process, you will see that the financially wealthy are not exempt from spiritual or relational poverty. On this team, you will live in the in-between, building relationships with both the financially rich and the financially poor.