Our Outcomes

By graduation . . .

Fellows will know...

  • Fellows will know who they are and help others do the same. Fellows will lead out of their God-bestowed identity, calling, and unique giftings encapsulated in their own personal identity statement. They will be equipped through teaching and practice to help others achieve the same self-realization.
  • Fellows will know how to fight for justice. Fellows will have a theology of justice and power that frames and informs their understanding and practice of community development, community organizing and civil disobedience, particularly in the areas of race, immigration, power, and class.
  • Fellows will know Christian community development principles. Fellows will know CCD principles and best practices that will serve as a foundation for a life of sustainable, asset-based community development work.

Fellows will be...

  • Fellows will be Gospel fluent. Fellows will understand and be able to teach God’s holistic plan to redeem, restore, and reconcile all of creation to Himself through Jesus Christ.
  • Fellows will be good leaders. We define good leaders as people of integrity who use their influence to serve their followers by supporting, equipping, and directing them towards clearly defined, Kingdom-building outcomes.
  • Fellows will be effective writers. Fellows will possess a confident ability to write in a clear, compelling, and insightful manner for the purpose of ministry and influence.

Fellows will do...

  • Fellows will make disciples that make disciples. Fellows will use their influence to disciple others towards believing and living out the whole Gospel and equip them to lead others in the same way.
  • Fellows will live on mission with their church. Fellows will understand incarnational ministry and be able to lead and grow a missional community.
  • Fellows will help neighbors exit financial poverty. Fellows will enter into a mutual relationship with someone in financial poverty and help them achieve financial stability.
  • Fellows will multiply themselves. Fellows will replace themselves in the organization as well as in the community through youth development, if applicable.