Before I joined the CrossPurpose Fellowship I was drowning in apathy, disenchanted with Christianity and the church. Through the Fellowship, God offered me an escape and an opportunity to rekindle my devotion to Him and to fall back in love with His church. Alysa
Perhaps the most powerful aspect of the Fellowship for me has been the community of Christians living on mission together. Forsaking the American Dream, embracing diversity and loving my neighbors alone would be scary, frustrating, and difficult. But loving my neighbors with my neighbors has been a beautiful, transformative experience. I plan on being family with these people for the rest of my life. Greg Hahl
Since I began the Fellowship, I've been challenged and pushed in ways like never before. My relationship and walk with God have grown tremendously, and my marriage has been strengthened. I also love working with the people in these neighborhoods and finding new ways to be a help to them. God is going to do a great work through the Fellowship and I am so excited to be a part of it. Niko
"Through being a part of this Fellowship, God has shown me that I am not in this world alone. The Fellows have become my brothers and sisters. God has taught me that I need to fear Him and have no fear of man. I find myself being afraid of what man may think of me more than how the Lord has created me as fearfully and wonderfully made. This Fellowship is God's mission for me in Denver." Antoinette
The Fellowship has radicalized my view of Jesus and Christianity. I live in community with eight other Fellows, doing ministry and celebrating life together. We are involved in several ministries in the neighborhood. We teach children to read, we study under and learn from people in poverty, we are mentors to the fatherless boys, and we learn to carry our crosses daily for the cause of Jesus Christ. This is our mission in Denver. This is our Christian Fellowship. Micah
The fellowship is a program that will stretch you, and will reveal to you the holes in your relationship with Christ. You will learn about God’s heart for the poor, the broken, and how he desires redemption not just at a spiritual level. This program reveals the difference between cookie-cutter Christianity, and what it truly means to follow Christ no matter what the obstacles are. Lastly, the importance of relationships, and being light in an area where it’s not seen very often. This has been my experience and I’m loving every moment of it. Jessica